When it comes to investing your hard earned money, you need to partner with someone you trust, one who will make your money work hard. You need someone who can guide you through the complex maze of investment options with unbiased advice. In short, experts who will understand your needs and help you reach your financial goals.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a sophisticated investment vehicle that offers a range of specialised investment strategies to capitalise on opportunities in the market. The Portfolio Management Service combined with competent fund management, dedicated research and technology, ensures a rewarding experience for its clients.
What is PMS?
Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a sophisticated investment vehicle that offers a customized investing into stocks, fixed income products, cash, other structured products and mutual funds units etc. to meet specific investment objectives. Though, PMS is managed by a professional managers, it has potential to address the personal preferences tailored into the investment portfolio giving the freedom and flexibility required for achieving the financial goals.

Different ways in which PMS can be managed :

Discretionary: This service gives the flexibility and freedom to investment manager to operate on behalf of the investor fully. The investment manager can choose the investment avenue and may decide the appropriate time for the transaction. Further, he implements the investment decisions.

Non-Discretionary: Under this service, the investment manager recommends the investment ideas. Appropriate time to execute the transaction is left up to the investor. However the execution is done by the investment manager.

Advisory: Under this category of services, the portfolio manager only suggests the investment ideas. The choice as well as the execution of the investment decisions rest solely with the Investor. In India majority of PMS providers offer Discretionary Services.

PMS benefits investor in following ways:
  1. Professional Management – PMS is provided by qualified and professional investment managers with the objective to deliver consistent long term performance while controlling risk.
  2. Continuous Monitoring – It is important to recognize that portfolios need to be constantly monitored and periodic changes should be made to optimize the results.
  3. Risk Control – The investment manager employs a qualified research team to establish the investor's investment strategy and providing the information to the investment manager. This also helps in reducing the investment related risks up to significant extent.
  4. Hassle Free Operation – The investment manager gives the investor a customised service. He takes care of all the administrative aspects of the investor's portfolio with a periodic reporting on the overall status of the portfolio and performance. The investment manager provides various types of reports to his investors on a regular basis. These reports are related to the transactions made on their behalf, current holdings of the investment portfolio and realized Profits and Losses to name a few.
  5. Flexibility – The Portfolio Manager has fair amount of flexibility in terms of investing patterns and procedures. He can create a reasonable concentration in the investor portfolios by investing disproportionate amounts in favour of compelling opportunities.
  6. Transparency – PMS provides comprehensive communications and performance reporting. Investors will get regular statements and updates from the investment manager. The account statements will give investor a complete picture regarding the securities held on his behalf. These reports help investor in understanding and measuring their tax liabilities. All kinds of direct taxes (Income Tax) have to be borne and paid by the investor.
  7. Customised Advice – PMS gives select investors the benefit of tailor made investment advice designed to achieve their financial objectives.
  8. Personalized Approach – In PMS, investor may gain direct personalised access to the professional investment managers who actively manage his investment portfolio.
We can help you select a suitable PMS as per your investment objectives.